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PW DirtBags is a baseball Partnership created by the President of Prospect Wire, Cliff Terracuso and the Founder of DirtBag Baseball Nation, Kirk McNabb. Our MISSION is to educate you and keep you up to date on all the latest events and happenings related to Prospect Wire & Baseball Cloud. Kirk & Cliff will be covering a variety of baseball related topics including College Recruiting, Scouting, Player Development, Mindset Training, Technology & Data through our weekly videos. We will also utilize our network of Professional scouts, college recruiters, trainers, etc. as required to help educate you on certain areas of the game. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or video requests you have. Our Social media pages are set up to be trusted locations for players to put your Profile and Video on for College Recruiters & Scouts to find you. If you would like to be a guest on PW DirtBags TV, please DM us on our Social Media Channels or email us at [email protected] Subscribe to our YouTube channel at PW DirtBags and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @PWDirtbags!