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Bullpen Bundle Triple Threat ROPE Trainer™ - Dirtbag Baseball Nation - Buy 5 get 1 Free

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The Bullpen Bundle Triple Threat ROPE Trainer™
The Triple Threat Rope Trainer™ Buy 5 get 1 Free!  The Rope Trainer uses a regulation size and weight baseball. Durable and long-lasting materials made in the USA. The ROPE Trainer reinforces proper; grip, balance, arm extension and follow-through. 

The Triple Threat ROPE Trainer is recommended for players 15 and older. Provides immediate tactile, auditory and physical feedback allowing you to adjust your techniques as you train.

Patented 3-hole interchangeable design allows players to practice various grips and add resistance using our unique Quick Change technology.

The Triple Threat ROPE Trainer™ includes:
(6) Regulation size baseballs with 3 tether insert holes, each with (3) specialized tether attachments, guidelines for use, and (6)multi-functional drawstring bag.

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