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Softball Bundle Pitch/Swing Tracker - Diamond Kinetics

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PitchTracker Softball, a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary smart softball, enhances the learning and training experience for all skill levels with the most comprehensive pitch analysis and charting system available today.

PitchTracker Softball:

  • Measure 5 metrics
  • Set-up custom Bullpens designed specifically for you or your players.
  • Chart pitches during your bullpen. See and track your consistency of hitting locations with different pitches.

With SwingTracker, Players of any age or skill level, and their coaches, can have access to the science of motion analysis and unlock an entirely new world of understanding about their swing, its components and how to improve their hitting.


  • Measures 11 Metrics
  • Compare swings to national age/skill benchmarks from 8U through Professional
  • Understand the link between the body and bat with side-by-side 3D View and Video compare.